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15 Sure Fire Affirmations for Your Knee Replacement Journey

Knee replacement surgery will be, or was, probably one of the most robust experiences you have ever gone through. I know for me it was. At times I questioned my decision to even get the surgery in the first place, thought the pain would never end, and even doubted my ability to take a step, let alone walk. Are you dealing with bad knee pain or are you personally in the thick of knee replacement recovery and this sounds all too familiar?

I’ve been there, and though it is not easy, you can get through it with a little help from first and foremost from your mind. That is why I created these 15 sure fire affirmations for your knee replacement recovery. These, along with my 5 natural pain relief techniques, helped make my rehab go so much smoother and with less pain.

Continue reading past the 15 sure fire affirmations to get ideas on how to implement them into your daily routine. 
15 Sure Fire Affirmations For Knee Replacement Recovery. Knee replacement rehab is hard, painful and at times very discouraging.  Click here to help your mind stay positive while rehabbing your knee after surgery.
15 Sure Fire Affirmations For Knee Replacement Recovery

I am in control of my own body

I am learning from the pain while listening to my body.

My knees are strong.

I am grateful for the ability to heal.

I choose to persevere; I am worth it.

My knees give me the support I need.

I am choosing peace over pain.

I feel myself releasing the pain.

My knees are steady and stable.

I can move easily.

I exercise to release the pain in knees.

I am healing.

My knees are healthy.

This pain is only temporary.

I can do this.

What Are Affirmations? 

Affirmations are used to overcome negativity, gain self-empowerment, and enhance positive thinking. I would personally use different statements throughout the day to help keep my mood up and my energy positive.

Where Can I Use Affirmations?

Here are some examples of where I would place my positive statements and how I would use different affirmations throughout my daily routine. 

How Can I Use Affirmations?

Now that you have some ideas for where you can find and place your 15 sure fire affirmations, now you need to know how to implement them.

Personally, I like to repeat the statement 5 times, either out loud or in my head. From experience, though, saying it out loud works best for me. Of course, I understand if you are in the middle of a gym, work, or another crowded place, I get why you can’t just start rambling to yourself. We do not want people to think you went mad!

Okay, I’ve said the affermation five times. By the end of the fifth time, I always felt the shift in my mood, and I was ready to tackle whatever was next. My best advice is to find what works best for you and do it every time you start to feel stressed, discouraged, or are in an excessive amount of pain. 

Using Affirmations Specific for Knee Replacement Rehab

Now that you have a solid idea of the what, where, and when’s of affirmations. Let me take a minute to explain how I use them specifically for knee replacement rehab. Throughout my weeks of recovery, I had many challenges especially weeks one through four. I would often get discouraged and even frustrated. This was when positive thinking and affirmations helped me a great deal. It helped me from getting depressed.

The other time scenario where positive statements helped me the most is when the pain was taking over. I would say my affirmation before meditation when I was trying to relax and decrease the pain. I would also use one for pain before going to physical therapy. To help with pain tolerance, and to remind me I could do anything I set my mind to. 

I hope you find these 15 sure fire affirmations for your knee replacement recovery helpful throughout your knee rehab. Do you have particular statements you are already using? When do you find yourself using them? I’d love to hear if any of these help you in your knee replacement journey! Contact me here or comment below. Until next time. Take Care.


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