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Don’t Get Bored, 20 Activities to Keep Entertained After Knee Surgery

Finally, you got that nagging, painful knee fixed. You have your supplies and equipment for knee rehab, but you’ll find yourself bored and looking for things to do in the earlier weeks of the knee replacement recovery. Check out this list of 20 activities to keep entertained after knee surgery.

This list was compiled by me, by the activities I did after surgery. If you have seen the blog before, you know I’m on a knee replacement journey of my own. I truly hope this list helps with your boredom and helps the knee rehab time fly by! 

20 activities to keep you entertained after knee surgery

Take Care of Your Incision/Knee Replacement Scar

Quickly to forget… but so important! Taking care of your incision is a big key to the healing process—Follow all instructions from your surgeon. Watch for redness, access swelling, or if you develop a fever. Also, stay hydrated and eat foods full of Vitamin C and Calcium!

Once your incision is healed, scar tissue massage with BIO OIL should be a part of your daily routine. Check out this HOW-TO VIDEO

Do your Knee Exercises

I know what you are thinking; these exercises are grueling and make you sore, and it isn’t the most fun activities to keep entertained but trust me, though. Knee exercise after your surgery will help you, in the long run, be stronger and help you heal faster. You have the time, do them! 

Have Close Friends and Family Over to Visit

I wrote about this in my 5 Truths about Knee Replacement Surgery post. Having a sound support system is vital. Not only can friends and family help you fill the time, but they can also help you with activities you can’t do yet or have difficulty doing yourself. TAKE THE HELP! 


You heal as you sleep. Plus, the bonus is it will help pass the time! It can be tough to get enough sleep, especially during the early stages of knee rehab; try some of these tips and get some sound Zzz’s. 

Cuddle Time with Spouse, Kids, and Pets

I remember doing so much laying around after knee surgery. It drove me crazy. I’m a mover and busy body, so sitting/laying around was rough at times. However, I did find that I enjoyed cuddling with my favorite humans with the “forced” slow down. It’s incredible the quality talks you can have in these cuddle moments. 

Read a Book

My Kindle was my best friend: lightweight and an adjustable backlight for those sleepless moments at night. I did the free trial for the Amazon Unlimited Membership Plan before going into the hospital. It was great having all those books and magazines available in one little device.  

Stay entertained in knee surgery rehab with these great tips! Read a good book. Click here to read more!

Listen to Music, Podcast, or an Audio Book

Music has played such an essential role in my life, and I would listen to it any time I could. The genre would change with my different moods and feelings throughout knee replacement recovery. Not the music type? Try a Podcast or Audio Book

Board or Card games

Play with family, friends, or even by yourself. I love a good game of solitaire! 


Grab a handy dandy tray tablea puzzle, and go to town. You would be impressed by how fast the time goes when you focus on completing a puzzle. 


Luckily I had a window close by my bed and recliner. I even set up a window bird feeder. So I would bird-watch and enjoy nature for a little while each day. 

Make a New Recipe List you Want to Try 

I love Pinterest for all the great recipe ideas. I even found some easy recipes my husband and kids could cook when I didn’t have the energy to do it myself. 

Make a Gift Amazon Wish List for the Following Holidays

I also have a gift list going throughout the year. I added so many items for various holidays. Adding to the list was one of the most leisurely and most ongoing activities to keep entertained. 

Crochet, Knit, or Learn How To

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a child. I love starting new projects, but I am not good at finishing them. So, during my knee rehab, I used the time to complete all my unfinished crochet projects. Also, it’s a relatively easy hobby to learn. Plus, it only takes a crochet needle and some yarn

Write Letters or Make Nice Cards for People 

I bought a few pretty black cards and sent them to friends and family who live out of state and a few to nearby nursing homes. 


Coloring isn’t just for kids! Adult coloring is one of the most calming activities to keep entertained. I enjoyed using fine tip markers the best and used colored pencils for broader area pictures. 

Make a Bucket List

You might be bored after knee surgery now, but you will soon be ready for fun and adventure. Create a bucket list for all the things you dream of doing. 

TV and Chill

Whether you use your Amazon Prime Membership to binge-watch your favorite movies and shows or do the proper Netflix and chill, it is probably the most time-consuming activities to keep entertained. I would get lost in movies and TV shows. One day I looked at the time, and it was 6 hours later! WOW! 

Unsubscribe from Email Lists you No Longer Need

I don’t know about you, but I am on far too many email lists. Take some time to evaluate which lists you still need to have in your life. 

Delete Old Emails

How many emails are sitting in your inbox right now? Are they all needed anymore? Take some time to read through them and delete ones no longer needed. 

Video Games On Phone or Gaming System

There are so many different games you can play on your smartphone now. It’s crazy! I found I couldn’t look at the tiny screen for a super long time, but it was a fun way to break up the day. When my kids were home, I would sneak in a game or two on our gaming system to spend time with them. 

There you have it. 20 Activities to Keep Entertained After Knee Surgery. Let us know in the comments which of these you have done or want to try! Also, have you some ideas that are not on the list? Comment those as well! 

Until next time, Happy Healing. 


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