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30 Gift Basket Ideas for After Knee Surgery

Looking for gift basket ideas for after knee replacement? Click here to learn my 30 ideas now!?

Are you looking to fill a cute basket to gift for a knee replacement patient? That is so thoughtful, and your loved one is lucky! During my knee replacement journey, little gifts from my family meant the world. Knee replacement surgery is challenging, and the recovery can be long and stressful. In this post, I will give you gift basket ideas that will be useful, bring joy, and help your loved one through knee replacement rehab. 

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    Gift Basket Ideas for After Knee Surgery

    Small cozy throw blanket: With sleep issues and spending a lot of time resting, a cozy blanket will come in handy.

    PJs: Loose fitting and cozy. I found ones with shorts that were no favorite.

    Eye mask: There are times when a nap during the day is needed. Eye masks can help block that daylight out for a better snooze. 

    Non-slip cozy socks: The last thing you want to do is fall after knee replacement surgery. Having comfortable and non-slip socks will be a daily wear item.

    Colored pencils and an adult coloring bookHelps pass the time while doing something relaxing and fun. There is even a cute knee replacement coloring book on Amazon

    Puzzle: My favorite puzzles were the small 3D ones because they were more challenging and didn’t take up much space, so I could easily do them on my tray table. 

    Magazines: Having a pictured-filled magazine to thumb through to pass the time and get ideas for after knee replacement recovery can come in handy. 

    Pen and notepad/journal: These two items help push me to create this blog in the first place. I felt relief and comfort writing my feelings, thoughts, and journey of knee replacement. I also love looking back and reading my early days to remind me how far I have come. 

    Good book: Have a good book that you just finished reading? Give or get a copy of it for an easy gift basket idea for your knee replacement loved one to enjoy. 

    Fun pillowcase:  I loved my elevation pillow during rehab. I also had a regular pillow I left by the recliner for when I was there. A cute pillowcase for either of these pillows can help brighten the mood or day. 

    Word search/Crossword books: Help keep your knee rehabbers minds sharp while resting for recovery with mind puzzle books. 

    Yoga strap: A great tool to help stretch leg muscles after knee replacement surgery.

    Reacher: Such a great tool that often gets forgotten. With mobility and flexibility not being as easy during rehab, a reacher often comes in handy. 

    Back scratcher: Anesthesia and pain pills often left me itchy. A back scratcher was a lifesaver! 

    Stuffed animal: Who doesn’t love a cute little stuffed animal to keep them company. 

    Individual size snacks: Late-night cravings during insomnia and when taking pain pills are the two top reasons I had little snacks. 

    Chocolate/candy: A sweet treat to help with the pain. 

    Electrolyte drinks: Staying hydrated is such a crucial part of healing. Electrolytes help boost recovery while staying hydrated. 

    Protein drinks: Often, pain pills and even pain can make someones’ appetite leave. Protein drinks help the knee replacement warrior get the nutrients they need without forcing themselves to eat a ton. 

    Sleepytime tea: It’s not always easy to sleep after knee replacement surgery. A lovely sleepytime tea can help soothe and get your rehabber ready for bed. 

    Insulated water bottle with a straw: Help them stay hydrated with a fun, bigger insulated water bottle with a straw.

    OTC pain meds: Medicine like Tylenol and ibuprofen are great for a gift basket. Check out this post about OTC meds for knee surgery for more ideas HERE.

    Melatonin: Many patients have a hard time sleeping after surgery. Melatonin is an excellent herbal vitamin to help your loved one get some Zzz’s. 

    Bio-oil: My favorite oil to help with scar tissue. I also used it for my post-surgery massages. 

    Lotion: Skin can feel very dry after knee replacement surgery. Having a good bottle of lotion for the bedside is helpful. 

    Lip balm: Who doesn’t love lip balm! My favorite is EOS.

    Facial tissue: Tissues are always a handy item to have. They make great last-minute napkins too! 

    Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is great for helping keep nasty infection-causing gems away. 

    Dry shampoo: After knee surgery, the last thing I wanted to do was deal with my hair every day. It’s so much easier not to have to wash my hair daily. Dry shampoo was a lifesaver! 

    Hair scrunchies: Easy to lose and great to have extra; hair ties are a great gift basket idea for after-knee surgery. Does your loved one have short hair? Grab some headbands instead. 

    Have any other gift basket ideas? Comment below or message me HERE.

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    Until next time… Happy Gifting!

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