Your surgery date is in view. You’re in the process of getting all your tests ran, or maybe you have already been cleared. Now you are starting to wonder what else you might need to do and get before the big knee replacement surgery. This list of 10 Pieces of Equipment Needed Now Before Knee Replacement Surgery, along with my 10 Necessary Items For After Your Knee Replacement Surgery, will give you an elaborate starting off point. These detailed posts and lists come from a knee rehab patient (me) who has been through it all and used some form of everything on these lists! 

In this article, the focus is the equipment needed before knee replacement surgery. Keep in mind; most orthopedic surgeons will give you a small list of items they would like you to have for the operation. Also, check into your insurance plan to see what will be covered. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to order supplies on your own through a local medical supply store or online, than it is to get it through your insurance company during your hospital stay

10 Pieces of Equipment Needed Now Before Knee Replacement Surgery

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician. 


Most orthopedic surgeons want you to start walking within a few hours after the knee replacement surgery with assistance from a WALKER. Though many hospitals have ones from you to use during your stay, you will likely need to use one for up to two weeks after your hospital stay as well. 

Walker Glides

Many people have seen the little tennis ball trick on walkers, and if this is more your style by all means! They also make these skies to replace the rubber stoppers of walkers that have worked great for me. 

I would only suggest using the WALKER GLIDES or the tennis balls if you feel very stable. Find yourself picking up the walker because the rubber stoppers are slowing you down, or they are making you feel more unstable due to an awkward walking pattern.

Walker Tray

I personally only had family members around part of the time to help me during my first few weeks of recovery. They were there for essential things like PT, showering, big meals, etc. But there were often moments I would get up and get little something for myself. Mainly water and a small snack. A WALKER TRAY came in handy for this. I would have been so lost without it! 


A cane is one of the 10 Pieces of Equipment Needed Now Before  Knee Replacement Surgery. Click here to see what the other 9 are.

After spending a few weeks with the walker, most progress to a CANE. I spent a fair amount of my recovery using my cane. I, of course, had a shiny pink one! 

Shower Chair

If you do not already have a little area to sit inside your shower, you will definitely want a SHOWER CHAIR. It is tough to stand long enough right after surgery to shower, and it’s definitely not safe to stand one-legged! 

Shower Bar

Showers are slippery, plus many have, at the very least, a ledge you have to step over to get in. A shower bar can be a big help after a knee replacement for extra safety while taking a shower. Now the best option would be to have one anchored right into the wall, like this, that could handle a fair amount of weight, but if that isn’t an option, one like this is better than nothing at all. 


A simple shoehorn is a lifesaver for the first few weeks after knee replacement surgery. Reaching down and messing with a tennis shoe (which most orthopedic surgeons want you wearing) can be difficult due to swelling, tightness, and pain. A SHOEHORN helps the shoe slide on your foot comfortably, and you can also use it to let take off your shoes as well.  


I have been blessed with extra short arms, so a REACHER was an absolute must! Much like the shoehorn. Items can be more different to reach due to swelling, tightness, and pain. A reacher can be used for helping pull up a pant leg, help cover up with a blanket, or reach for a remote that’s just out of reach! 

Toilet Riser 

Luckily the one bathroom closest to my bed had a higher toilet, so I did not need a TOILET RISER for that bathroom, but I did use one in our extra bathroom even though I wasn’t in that space very often. There are different varieties to choose from. Some have handles, which is nice to help lift yourself off the toilet since your somewhat down a leg. They also come in a variety of different heights and widths. It’s definitely worth the time to ponder all the options before choosing which is best for you! 

Portable Commode 

If you feel like your going to need a bit more stability and accessibility than a toilet riser can give you, a portable commode might be the better option. A PORTABLE COMMODE can be moved wherever it is needed. The height can be adjusted, and it has handled to help stability. The other great thing about commodes is you can change them into a toilet riser as you start becoming more mobile and steady on your feet and new knee! 

Is there an item you used that didn’t make a list? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Already have your knee replacement surgery? Happy Healing! If not, Good Luck!

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10 Pieces of Equipment needed now before knee replacement surgery. Get the full list of 10 by clicking here and be fully prepared for your knee surgery before walking into the hospital.
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