Gift Ideas For Your Post Surgery Loved Ones

A family member or friend just had knee surgery. You want to get them something for a care package or a get well gift that has some meaning and would be useful. Maybe, it is close to a holiday like Christmas, and you figured why not get a gift that will help your post knee surgery patient. Or perhaps you stumbled across this list, and you are the patient recovering from knee surgery. Whatever scenario you’re coming from, this list will give you the 11 best gift ideas for post knee surgery. Grab a few and even make a cute recovery gift basket! Many of these items I have used myself during my knee replacement recovery. Want to see some other Nessisary items for knee replacement? Click HERE to view my other list!

Scar Lotion

Some rehab patients will care about lighten their scar, while others will not care how it looks. Either way, giving scar lotion as a gift is excellent, so your loved one can use it for massage. Massaging the scar helps break up scar tissue and can help reduce pain.

Wedge Pillows

A good wedge pillow is so important after any knee surgery. This specific pillow to the left gives enough support while keeping the knee straight, which most surgeons want after surgery while resting. After my knee replacement surgery, I used this pillow while icing, relaxing, and even when I was sleeping for many of the first few weeks after surgery.

Ice Packs

Ice Packs are great for every step in the knee recovery timeline. Great for pain, swelling, and they have healing properties as well. I personally used the one to the right and loved it. It was soft, comfortable, and wraps the whole knee. Anyone recovering from surgery could use one or even two of these ice packs. This one pictured is my absolute favorite or check out my Top Ice Packs List Here, for more ideas.

Puzzles, Cards, and Games

Recovery can be rather dull and even lonely in the first few weeks. Having some puzzles and games to play to pass the time would make a great gift. Even better, if you live nearby, play a game or round of cards with your recovering loved one while you visit. I’m sure they would like the company for a while. I know I did!

Lab/Tray Table

For me, there was only one comfortable place to sit in my whole house. My bed. For most recovering from knee replacement, its a recliner. While these two places are great for resting, they are not so great for other things, especially eating. Having a lap/tray table that sits up off the knees (becauseā€¦ OUCH to regular lap ones) makes a perfect gift since most probably don’t already have this at home, and probably didn’t think to get one.

Walking Aids

Most knee surgery patients will start on some form of walking aid right after their procedure. As they progress, the device will change. These walking aids are great for the person who loves the outdoors and want to get right back outside, walking after their knee replacement. Thinking about possibly getting a friend or loved one another type of equipment they will need for surgery? Check out my list of Equipment Needed Now for Knee Replacement Surgery for ideas!

Shoe Inserts

The new knee patient will want to take care of their fixed up knee joint. Shoe inserts are a must! Inserts are an item that a loved one can never have too many of. With regular use, inserts need to be replaced roughly every six months, according to Dr. Scholl’s website. Or with the first sign of wear. I personally had to replace inserts after three months because of how much I was walking and exercising during my intense knee rehab months.   

Fun Water Bottle

After my knee replacement surgery, I got serious about my water intake to help with healing. I downloaded the Waterminder App, which keeps track and reminds me to drink! This app, along with a fun water bottle, would make an excellent gift for someone. They can take it along to rehab, the gym, or a walk around the neighborhood. 

Books or Book Subscription

As mentioned before, knee rehab can get a little boring. If your loved one is a reader, some books will make a great gift. Have an all-digital reader? Give an Amazon Gift Card so they can add a few books to their Kindle. Need something a little extra for a birthday or Christmas? Give them a Kindle Unlimited Subscription with your choice of 6, 12, or 24-month plans. They will never run out of books to read while resting and rehabbing after surgery. 


Post-surgery can often bring on some insomnia. You can read more about my sleeping troubles after knee replacement surgery HERE. Having a booklight handy for late-night reading sessions or even to use as a little nightlight, when needing to get up during the night. This makes another handy gift for your knee rehab patient that they probably never would have thought of.

Gift Certificate to a Local Gym

For me, I got this gift for my birthday. It was perfect timing as I was finishing up physical therapy for my knee, and the weather was getting a lot colder, making my walks outside not so easy to do. Many gyms like your local YMCA have gift card options. Your loved one can then continue his or her recovery no matter what the weather. 

Person walking on sidewalk with an arrow pointing up with text saying Gym.

Looking for more items maybe for a cute gift basket? Click HERE for more ideas.

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