Pain is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome after knee replacement surgery. It’s also one of my five truths, read the other four HERE. Many will have to be on some form of pain medication during their rehab time. Sometimes it’s not enough. Or maybe you want to start weaning yourself off of the drugs, and you’re looking for some natural pain relief techniques to help you. Whatever scenario fits you, this post has five different pain-relieving methods for you to try. I used a combination of all of these natural pain relief techniques during my knee replacement rehab.  

Natural Pain Relief Techniques

Deep Breathing/Meditation 

When a sharp pain attack strikes, try to take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. Count the seconds it takes you to breathe in and out while trying to slow your breathing. This will help get through the short pain bursts. I would also use meditation, especially right before bed, when the pain had been high all day, helping me calm and relax all my muscles. 

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Change Positions and Scenery

Get up and change positions and scenery, especially in the early days right after the knee surgery. For me, I would be stuck in my bed most of the day. When the pain would be the only thing on my mind, I would get up, walk around a little, and sometimes even sit in the Lazy Boy or kitchen chair. The new seat might have only lasted 5 to 10 minutes, but it was just enough movement to push a bit of the pain away.

Add that with the new scenery, and my brain was not thinking about the pain. I would start thinking about my “Honey do list” as I saw things that needed to get done or what the weather was like as I looked out the window. It’s amazing what a little body and mindset shift can do for pain relief.  

Listen to Music or Watch TV 

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Listen to music or watch TV. Now I will admit there are times the pain is so bad that it doesn’t matter what music is on, or what TV show is on the TV. But that can be said on any of these techniques.

The great thing about music and TV is that there is such a variety. During high pain attacks, I usually listened to fast-paced music because it was very distracting to me. I also tried to find songs I really loved and knew some of the lyrics too. This was extra distracting to me. The TV shows were great for pain distraction and last night insomnia (read more about that HERE). I just watched whatever I was in the mood for that day, no extra tricks. 

Do Your Exercises and Stretches

When the pain and stiffness set in, it’s imperative to do the exercises the doctor recommends. I know it sounds crazy because it’s the last thing you really want to do when you’re in pain, but movement helps knock out swelling and stiffness, which will, in turn, decrease pain. 

They were times that they would get so bad that nothing seems to help. The slow, steady stretch (the hurt so good kind) also helped relieve pain. 

Elevate and Ice

Elevate and ice. Then ice some more. Ice was my best friend. I used a wedge pillow that would keep my leg straight while it was elevated, per doctors’ orders and I would throw my favorite ice pack around my knee as I rested. Both of these help with swelling, healing, and most importantly pain relief. 

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician. 

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