Boyfriend jeans and their loose-fitting, yet chic fit have been around since the late 1800s! Being recreated many times through the years and worn by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Sarah Jessica Parker. Women have been loving wearing comfortable jeans while still being fashionable. So why is the boyfriend jean craze dead? Two words…girlfriend jeans.

Girlfriend Jeans A Plus Size Favorite

Girlfriend jeans are a, no surprise here, more feminine version of the boyfriend jean. Curve girls best girlfriend really started gaining popularity in 2014-2015 and has been on the rise ever since. These higher-waisted jeans help hide the pouch area and smooth out the stomach and hip area. The slimming, tapered leg accentuates the curves in all the right ways, where the boyfriend jeans if worn to baggy, can add weight to the plus-size shape.

Judy Blue Great Lengths Cuffed Girlfriend Jeans by Inspired Dreams Boutique. Click here to shop these amazing plus size option distressed girlfriend jeans now.

Judy Blue Great Lengths Cuffed Girlfriend Jeans

Inspired Dreams Boutique sent over a pair of Judy Blue Great Lengths Cuffed Girlfriend Jeans for me to review. Specifically, to check out plus-size fit, quality, and comfort as compared to other jeans I have tried. At first glance, I loved the coloring and placement of the distressing, especially around the cuffs at the bottom! The stitching and quality of the denim were done well, as well. The jeans had a great stretch, but they didn’t feel thin and cheap like I have seen with other stretch jeans.

Judy Blue Great Lengths Cuffed Girlfriend Jeans. Click here to learn more about these jeans and why I'm choosing girlfriend jeans over boyfriend jeans this fall.

Let’s dig into the essential part for me. The fit. It’s so hard to find jeans that fit correctly for my shape. I’m most similar to the plus-size pear shape. Most of Inspired Dreams Boutique products have inch measurement guides, which are super handy. According to the waist measurements, I would fit into a size 20. Hip measurements though said I would be a 24. My instore size is 18-20 learning more to the 20 because of my hips. I decided to go right down the middle with a size 22. Once receiving them, seeing how much stretch these jeans had. I could have easily fit into my true size of a 20. The 22’s fit okay, but I feel I would have liked the fit of the 20 even better. So, true to size fit. Measure at your TRUE waist, and pay attention to fit the description says they have stretch!

These distressed jeans came in enough at my waist, so they didn’t slide down, even being a size up, and I had room in my hips and butt to move comfortably. The legs tapered in for a slimming look but also left room for movement, even for me and my newly replaced knee that still likes to swell up. These Judy Blue girlfriend jeans have been the only pair of jeans I can tolerate for more than 5 seconds. It’s been a nice change from my all shorts wardrobe since knee surgery.

I will be ordering another pair of Judy Blue jeans in the future. I have also been scooping out this cute Deconstructed Snakeskin Print Blouse because hello pink and animal print is very on-trend this fall! Keep an eye out over on Instagram where I sneak my favorite style trends and more.

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Question about what size to order? Contact Stephanie at Inspired Dreams Boutique by clicking HERE.

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Boyfriend Jean Craze Dead? Girlfriend Jeans To Blame. Click here to learn why these curvy friendly distressed jeans are my go to this fall.
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