Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Is there anything not to love during this time of year? Not, in my opinion! Don’t let your knee recovery and rehab time stop you from enjoying all this season has to offer. Here are 14 guilt free fall activities to do after your knee replacement surgery. I tried to think of a variety of ideas that could be done by both early knee rehab (ers) and ones that have a few months under their belts. Also, low risk of injuring your newly replaced knee.

Must-DO List For Fall, Leave are changing colors and fall smells are in the air. Do you know what you are going to do to stay busy this fall? Check out the autumn to do list for some great ideas.

1. Take a drive to see the fall colors

This activity is great if you are feeling really pent up after being housebound. Can’t drive yet? Find a loved one to drive! Do a quick Google search to see when the best colors will be out in your area.

2. Go on a hayride

How fun is it to ride around taking in the scenery and the smells. The best hayride locally is at the cider mill. The smells of fall are so amazing! Make sure you are able to do steps and your knee rehab is far enough along to handle the bumps.

3. Bake an apple pie

Maybe you just got back from the market (my next suggestion) and you got the best apples! Baking an apple pie can do so much for your soul and your stomach. Not far enough along after your knee replacement surgery to bake a whole pie yet or maybe you need a little help? Use a ready-to-go pie crust, apple filling, or just the easiest of them all… ready-made apple pie!

4. Visit the local farmers market

Walking around a farmers market to check out what great fall products they have is one of the great guilt free fall activities! This can be done even in the earlier stages of a knee replacement recovery if you take along your trusty cane.

5. Make a fall-themed craft

I loved crafting when I was in knee replacement rehab. It was something that kept my hands and mind busy. It also helped to keep my mind off the pain and other worries I had. Pinterest has so many fun ideas for fall-themed crafts, no matter what skill level you are at!

6. Bake pumpkin bread

Another baking one. Am I the only one who loves baking even more so in the fall? Bring on pumpkin and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

7. Read a book outside while breathing in the crisp air

I don’t get a lot of time to read when I’m busy with all my kids but when I was going through knee rehab I read a lot! I even got a Kindle Unlimited Membership for my Kindle. It was amazing. I just love being able to take multiple types of books and magazines with me everywhere especially outside and I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s a lot lighter too!

Must-DO List For Fall, The smell of apple cider is in the air. Fall is here. Do you know what you are going to do to stay busy this fall? Check out the autumn to do list for some great ideas.

8. Tour a local winery

Ok, this one can be a little tricky. I wouldn’t suggest touring a winery if you are still in your early stages of recovery and still on a lot of OTC or prescription medications. Otherwise, it can be a really fun adult thing to do to get out of the house.

9. Take a fall camping trip

Fall camping is my favorite! Best weather, best smells, and it’s just flat-out relaxing.

10. Go to a cider mill

Cider donuts, apple cider, cute fall-themed goodies in the gift shop…. Do I really need to say more?

11. Tailgate at a football game

Nothing says fall like football. Grab a couple of chairs, a cooler full of your favorite beverages and snacks, and head out to the game early to tailgate. My biggest suggestion would be to make sure you are able to stand for a good period of time. If you still have some balance issues bring your walking device such as a cane. I also brought a stadium seat for extra comfort.

12. Make a leaf pile, then jump in it…. (Maybe let kids to the jumping and you do the throwing)

OK, so this list was supposed to be low risk for reinjuring your knee. Jumping into a pile of leaves is probably pretty risky for most knee replacement patients. Here are my alternatives. Make the leaf pile and let kids jump into it, whether they are local neighbors, grand, or your own kids. My second idea, make the leaf pile and then stand in the middle and throw some leaves around you. Feel like a kid again and laugh!… its good for the soul and healing process.

13.Plant flower bulbs for spring

Fall is an amazing time to plant bulbs for flowers that will come up in spring. Make sure you use a gardener’s knee pad or gardening seat to protect your new knee and even your real one!

14. Go for a fall hike

Grab some good hiking boots, walking sticks and right yourself a nice smooth trail. This was my favorite guilt free fall activity when I was in my middle weeks of knee rehab.

There you have it. Hopefully, these activities will keep you busy throughout your fall. Have other ideas for fun, safe guilt free fall activities? Comment below! I’d love to hear what others are doing.

Until next time… Happy healing!

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14 Guilt Free Fall Activities for After Knee Replacement

14 Guilt Free Fall Activities for after knee replacement surgery. Don't let your knee rehab or knee recovery slow you down and not enjoy everything this season has to offer.
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