We all are itching to come out of hibernation come springtime, new knee replacement or not. You might be thinking, though, are there any guilt free summer activities I can do after knee replacement? The quick answer is yes! This post was one of the most effortless posts to write out of my whole guilt fee series. There are many fun things to do this summer, from weeks to months out in your knee rehab journey. So let’s dive into the 20 guilt free summer activities for after knee replacement surgery. 

20 Guilt Free Summer Activities

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    Take your Rehab Outside

     Grab a Yoga Mat or an Outdoor Blanket and do your knee rehab exercises in the warm summer air! Need a chair for some of the activities? I used this Outdoor Chair which was nice and sturdy. 

    Move those knee rehab exercises outside! Click here for more guilt free summer activities for after knee replacement.

    Go for a Walk

    Walking is so very important to your knee recovery. Just be mindful not to push too hard, too fast. A short walk can help get the blood pumping and teach your knee its new stability. If you are still using an assistive device like a cane or walker, do forget to bring that along! 


    I jumped in the pool as soon as the doctor cleared me. Pool water takes off a percentage of your weight, making exercising easier on your knee. Water is also very therapeutic and good for healing. In my middle weeks of rehab, I started by just walking and stretching in a pool. I then advanced to aquatic workout classes until I was finally ready to swim laps!  

    Bike Riding 

    Bike rides are fantastic for getting your knee moving and achieving the bend doctors want after knee replacement surgery. My Townie bicycle is awesome. I used it inside on a bike trainer in my earlier days of knee rehab until I was steady and healed enough to take it back outside. 

    Working my knee bend on my bike and bike trainer. Click here to read more guild free summer activities for after knee replacement
    Take a bike ride! Click here to read more guild free summer activities for after knee replacement


    Don’t feel like you need to head to a rough terrain to start your hiking journey. Instead, find a paved path through the woods or park to begin until you are in the later months of your knee rehab. Walking sticks and good shoes are a must when challenging yourself on rougher trails. 

    Canoe or Kayak

    I love the water. The views are breathtaking. I figured why not get some exercise while I’m at it. The places you can go on a canoe or kayak are even better than on a boat. Make sure you are farther along in your knee rehab for this activity. Also, take little breaks every so often to stretch your knee. Often your legs stay in the same position for a long time while kayaking or canoeing. 


    Crocket is a fun, competitive sport that will not put your knee at significant risk for injury. Have a chair handy if you still fatigue quickly. 


    I went golfing when I was roughly a year out from my knee replacement. I used a golf cart and had a blast! I built up my tolerance and could walk nine holes by the end of summer. I’m still a bigger fan of a golf cart, though! 

    Tennis with a Partner

    Tennis is considered a low-impact sport. I would wait to get clearance from your doctor before doing this activity as it is one of the more strenuous on the list. Tips for this sport are playing with a partner, so you don’t have to fend for the whole court yourself. Also, take it easy. You might have to let the tough balls go by! 

    Walk on the Beach

    Sand is a fantastic surface to challenge your new knee. In addition, it helps teach your knee and brain stability. Plus, soaking in some vitamin D is always good for the body and healing! 

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    Grab that fishing pole, some bait, and a study chair, and you are ready to fish. Great for most all levels of knee rehab! Make sure to switch from sitting to standing every so often to keep the blood moving and your knee nice and lubricated. 


    A picnic is a fantastic early rehab, guilt free summer activity. Let’s avoid the ground until you feel comfortable getting back up and kneeling, especially. For some, kneeling has to be avoided forever. If that’s the case, a picnic table will do! 

    Kite flying

    How fun it is to fly a kite on a windy summer’s day! 

    Road trip to See Cool Spots Around Your State

    I’m from Michigan. There are so many places to visit and see inside my beautiful state. My husband and I took a drive up the east coast of Michigan after my early weeks of rehab. It was so lovely to get out of the house and see the view! I bet your state has some pretty incredible places to visit too! 

    Comment below with where you are from and what is your favorite place to visit in your state! Maybe I’ll take a trip there someday!

    Grow a Herb Garden 

    Herb gardens are easy to grow right on a south-facing window sill. Later in your rehab, and want to venture outdoors more? Try a raised garden bed or railing planter

    Have a BBQ with Friends

    There is nothing like a good old BBQ with friends in the summer. If you are still pretty early in your knee replacement recovery, ask for help with the cooking and party setup!

    Attend a Baseball or Softball Game

    So many options for this activity! Live close by your major league team or up for a drive. Go to the ballpark. Also, most colleges have baseball and softball teams to see. Neither an option? See if you can find your local high school team schedule or even drive by a little league field on a weeknight. You would be surprised how much fun it is to watch the little ones play! 

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    Take a Walk Around the Local Farmers’ Market

    There is nothing like the fresh produce from a local farmer’s market. I love walking around and shopping for all the summer’s yummy treats. 

    Have a Bonfire and Make S’mores 

    I love a bonfire on a cool summer night. I even have a little fire pit closer to my house for easier accessibility. Also, no fire is complete without some S’mores! What is your favorite ingredient in the S’more? Chocolate, marshmallows, or the graham cracker? Maybe you use different components? Let me know in the comments below. 

    Volunteer Somewhere in your Local Community 

    Each city has a different variety of volunteering—anything from helping clean up a field to handing written letters or cards to people in the hospital. Where you are in your knee replacement journey will depend on what level of volunteering you can do. But, it keeps you busy, and you will feel so good helping your community! 

    There you have it. Hopefully, these guilt free summer activities will keep you busy all summer long. 

    Have other ideas for fun, safe guilt free summer activities? Comment below! I’d love to hear what others are doing.

    Until next time… Happy healing!

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    Looking for something to do this summer after knee replacement surgery that wont cause pain or injury? Check out this list of 20 Guilt Free Summer Activities.
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