It is the ultimate love-hate relationship after an injury, but especially after a knee replacement, ice. Ice is cold, damp, uncomfortable, but man does it make that significantly swelled, sore knee feel better. After my partial knee replacement, I couldn’t get enough of my ice packs. They, along with my other pain relief techniques, became my best friends. With my surgeon telling me I really couldn’t ice too much, that left a need for multiple ice packs. Hence the creation of this list, 4 popular ice packs for post knee replacement. 

Ice Packs for Post Knee Replacement

This article will break down four different ice packs that work great for post knee replacement and beyond. I’ll talk about affordability, ease of use, durability, and, most notably, how long they stayed cold. I want to mention I tested and used all of these ice packs myself. So, let us dive into the 4 popular ice packs for post knee replacement. 

My #1 Go-To, The Elasto Gel Therapy Wrap

The Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wrap Therapy Wrap is my top pick on the list of ice packs. However, this ice pack is the priciest at right around $40, but it is by far worth every penny. It stays cold for at least 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your house. During the winter months, I could even leave it on for 40 minutes with no problem. I know what your thinking; who is crazy enough to leave it on for that long? Trust me, after a knee replacement, you’ll want to! 

The Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wrap is by far my favorite ice pack for post knee replacement surgery. Its held up for over a year and still works great. Click here to learn more about it and the other 3 popular ice packs for post knee replacement.

Other great features of the Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wrap Therapy Wrap are the straps and the material. The velcro straps are great for getting an excellent tight fit right around the knee for a little added compression. Compression it great for pushing out swelling after surgery. The material is soft, pliable, and has a ton of stretch. The last thing I want to mention is it didn’t “sweat” and leave my clothes damp, which was a neat feature! Here is a picture of it around my knee over a year after a bought it! It’s still going strong and great for post workouts if I went a little too hard.

My Runner Up, The Large Wrap Ice Pack

Knee pain, and Back pain, and hip pain, oh my! Having multiple people with multiple ailments in this house, I figured my backup ice pack should be a little more multiply purpose. In came the Large Wrap with Ice Pack for Injuries by TheraPAQ at right around $30. This ice pack also stayed nice and cold for a good 20 to 30 minutes. It also has straps to wrap around the knee, hip, or even the shoulder. 

The most significant difference with the  Large Wrap with Ice Pack for Injuries by TheraPAQ is that the material is stiffer, making it great for a back as it holds its shape, but not as comfortable on a fresh out of surgery knee. I had to work it a bit with my hands first to make it a comfortable shape before applying it around the knee. I do love how big this pack is and how versatile it is. Just keep the material’s stiffness in mind if you will be strictly using it at the knee. 

Give Me Something Not So Cold!

Next on the list is something I found at a local craft show, The Cherry Pit Heating/Cooling Pack Bag. This ice pack is so neat! Depending on where you get them, they come in right around $15 to $20. They use cherry pits inside material bags that can be heated or cooled! Of course, I keep mine in the freezer, but my mother used it in the microwave for her neck and loved it. 

The cherry pit ice pack is perfect for people who can't tolerate super cold ice packs but still want something comfortable after post knee replacement surgery. Its held up for over a year and still works great. Click here to learn more about it and the other 3 popular ice packs for post knee replacement.

Due to the cherry pits’ small size, this ice pack is very pliable and comfortable on the knee. The downfall for me is the pack only stays cold for about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, the cold is not nearly as intense as the other ice packs mentioned above. It is an excellent option for those who can’t tolerate cold as well. I found a great Etsy shop that sells locally to me; check it out HERE!  

The Cheaper The Better, Time For A Homemade Ice Pack

Need an ice pack ASAP while you wait for yours in the mail? Or maybe you don’t have to money to spend on some of the other options out there? Here is a handy recipe to make your own at home with common everyday household items! Even though I already had some ice packs available to me, I had to try them for myself when I saw this homemade ice pack recipe. 

The homemade ice pack is very pliable. If you use it without a towel, it can get clothing or skin a little damp, but it is definitely colder without the towel. Use your best judgment on if you want the towel or not. It stays cold for about 15 to 20 minutes, and the cost is zero if you already have the supplies at home. If not, you should be able to make one for less than $5. 


2 Quart Size Freezer Bags 

1/2 cup of Rubbing Alcohol

1 1/2 cups of water


Mix the 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with the 2 cups of water in a 1 gallon-sized freezer bag. Carefully squeeze out as much of the air from the bag as possible before shutting it. Then place the full gallon-sized freezer bag inside another freezer bag and close it airtight to prevent leaks. This last step isn’t necessary, but I found it helpful to prevent leaks. Place in the freezer, and there you have it, your very own homemade ice pack! 

Best Ice Pack For You

Let me know in the comments below or message me HERE with which type of ice pack you think will be best for you! Or maybe you have one already that you love that isn’t on the list! I want to know, so share away! 

With this list, I hope it helps you find the type of ice pack that will work for you. Ice works excellent to help with pain relief and swelling after your knee replacement surgery and with other ailments that might pop up along the way. 

Happy healing and icing! 

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician. 

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