The rush of the holidays is over. You still rehabbing from a knee replacement and you are dreading the winter months. I get it. There is definitely not as much stuff to do safely in the middle of winter after knee surgery. This January Guilt Free activities list will help you get out of the winter slump and keep you busy!

Work on refreshing, renewing, and having a little fun this January, even if you are still a little sore after surgery! This list will help to get you organized, start new things, and have a little fun.

Must-Do List for January

January Guilt Free Activities

Try a new soup/or another cold-weather recipe

Nothing is better than trying a new recipe. This is something I try to do every month, but I figured why not make this one geared for cold weather. Plus, January is National Soup Month. What better way to celebrate, right? I’ll be headed over to Pinterest to find my new receipt soon. What are you going to make? Leave it in the comments; I’d love to know! 

Do a seasonal art project

I just love snowmen, they come out at Christmas and stay up until February. Each year I will find an art project for my kids and me to work on to add to my snowmen collection. This year we will be working on these Topus 4 Pack 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits Snowman Full Drill Rhinestone Embroidery Cross Stitch Painting for Home Decor, 12 x 16inch I can not wait to see how they turn out! Want some other snowy art project ideas? Check them out below.

Have sleepover/camp out in your living room

Sleepover in the living room while watching some new movies is one of my kid’s favorite January traditions. We get out the sleeping bags. They build a little fort. We eat popcorn and stay up late. Of course, I’m in my recliner because there is no way I’m sleeping on the floor!  No kids? This would still be a fun activity to do with a loved one.

Organize at least one space in your house

Start the year off with one area in your home being beautiful and organized. It doesn’t even have to be a whole room. Start small with maybe a desk, closet, or even just one cupboard. 

Go on a wintery walk

Even if it’s not the frozen tundra in January like it is where I’m from. Head outside for a nice walk. You will want to grab a jacket, some mittens, and possibly a winter hat, but it’s so much fun. I even have these neat ice traction bands that go on the bottom of my shoes. Helps keep me from falling on ice!

Read an inspiring/motivational book

There are so many great inspirational and motivational books out there right now. I put this on the January guilt free activities list because many people want to work on themselves in the New Year. Books that inspire are a great way to help you do that. Here are a few of my personal favorites. 

Start a Gratitude Journal

With all the stressful things going on in the world right now, plus the stress of rehabbing from knee surgery, why not start the day reminding you of all the things you have to be grateful for? I write down 5 every single day and also have a daily affirmation for myself.

January Guilt Free activities for after knee replacement. Work on breaking an old habit and start a new healthier one. Click here to find more ideas.

Work on breaking one bad habit

There is always one habit someone is trying to kick. For me, it’s not getting enough sleep. I stay up way too late and then complain to my husband almost daily about how tired I am. This will be the habit I try to break this new year. I know I can plan better and work smarter so I can get to bed earlier. Plus, I bet I would work more efficiently at everything I do if I did! 

Start one new healthy habit

My knee replacement journey started me off on a much healthier path that I am so grateful for. My one big healthy habit for this year is going to be more positive self-talk. So ofter myself, and women, in general, consume themselves in negative self-talk. This year I want to do the opposite. I want to remind myself daily that I’m worth it, I’m doing a great job, and whatever else I need to hear. 

Make a family goal for the upcoming year

Your family might just be you and your significant other, or maybe you have a few kids. Either way, a family goal is a great thing to have in place. Last year our family goal was to have at least 30 minutes of family time at night before bed.

30 minutes was at the very minimum. Some days we would have more throughout the day, but other days the 5 of us would be going in so many different directions that those 30 minutes was the only time we all saw each other. I truly feel it helped us grow closer as a blended family. What are some ideas you have? Leave them in the comments!

Build a snowman

Building snowmen is one of the best things to do in the winter! Of course, I live in Michigan and snow is pretty easy to come by especially in January so this one isn’t hard for me. Don’t have any snow or is this activity still to physically demanding? Try one of these!

Tidy up your email list by unsubscribing to emails you no longer view 

I don’t know about you, but I get so much junk mail! The New Year is a great time to clean up the email list. Spend a little time and unsubscribe to those companies and email lists that you no longer have interest in. 

Try a new hobby/ Start back up an old one 

The middle of winter and the New Year is a perfect time to start a new hobby like croqueting or creating an indoor herb garden. Maybe you already have a hobby that you haven’t had time to do lately. Why not pull it out again. 

Drink hot cocoa 

A brisk winter chill is in the air. Maybe you a snuggled up next to a fire. Or perhaps you are under a cozy blanket. Top it off with a yummy cup of hot cocoa. My kids also love to have a cup after playing out in the snow.

Until next time, happy healing!

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