You have extensive knee replacement surgery—you are in your prepared home and resting in your favorite chair or bed. You have your handy table or nightstand beside you. Are all your knee surgery must-haves there?  

Knee replacement rehab is a lot more than rest and exercise—helpful tips like what knee must-haves to have within arms reach can help the recovery go much smoother. Equipment, medication, and other knee surgery must-have items need to be within arm’s reach to help you be more independent, along with helping your knee rest and heal after knee replacement surgery. 

Read on for a list of knee surgery must-haves to have within arms reach after surgery.

Walking Aids

Depending on where you are in the recovery process, you will need your walking aid right by your side for easy access. In the early weeks of recovery, this will be a walker. Then, as you process along, it will become a cane or walking poles. 

Walking with a walker on my newly replaced knee. One of the Knee Surgery Must-Haves
A cane is one of the 10 Pieces of Equipment Needed Now Before Knee Replacement Surgery. Click here to see what the other 9 are.

Your Meds

Medication can be a little tricky to keep next to you, but boy does it help not having to get up every time to retake your meds because there are quite a few prescriptions and non-prescription meds for after knee replacement. I personally placed them in a drawer in my nightstand, so my kids wouldn’t get into them, especially the pain meds. Now looking back, having one of the lockable bags would have worked great! 

Other Important Knee Surgery Must-Haves 

Now we get into the excellent items that you might not have thought to keep next to you. Having all or an assortment of these items within arms reach will help keep you more comfortable, entertained, and prepared without having to have a family member or friend next to you at all times. 

Phone: Call family, scroll through social media, but most importantly, have it in case of an emergency that you need to get ahold of someone ASAP. 

Remotes: A TV remote was a necessity for me during recovery. I watched ALOT of Amazon Prime and Netflix! 

Reading material: Magazines and a new book were my go tos. 

Glasses/Glasses case: I did not wear contacts during the early weeks of knee surgery recovery. So keep those glasses or readers close. Going to be on a lot of devices?; blue light glasses are great for that. 

Tissues: Depending on when you get your knee replacement surgery, having some tissues around will come in handy… Cough, Cough, Sneeze… allergy season. 

Wastebasket: Helps keep your area clean and tidy. 

Tablet/computer: The computer might be too heavy or bulky to have next to you, but you should be fine if you have a smaller one.

Laptop bed table: Here is a link to my favorite one. Click HERE

Reacher: A true lifesaver! Trust me, you aren’t very flexible right after surgery. Having a reacher close by to help you with items you might drop is fantastic!

Pillow for your leg: Here is a link to my favorite one. Click HERE

Prepackaged snack: I’m the type of person that needs to eat a little something every time I take medication, so I keep easy prepackaged snacks next to me all the time! 

Can you think of other knee surgery must-haves that I don’t have listed here? Comment below. I would love to hear other suggestions! 

Until next time, happy healing!

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Best Knee Surgery Must-Haves to have within arms reach,
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