14 October Guilt Free Activities the will keep you busy all month long!

October is of course known for trick or treating, but there are so many other Halloween and fall-related activities that are fun to do in October. This October guilt free activity list was made with knee replacement recovery in mind. Have fun, stay busy, while staying low risk for injuring your newly replaced knee/knees! I tried to add things that both early-stage knee rehab (ers) could do along with the farther out. I know you will be able to find at least one fun thing off this list and hopefully many more!

It's the most spooky time of year! With this October guilt free activities list stay busy all month long with not only Halloween fun but also fall activities as well.

1. Go to a pumpkin farm

Pumpkin farms have so much to offer! Get your corn stalks, pumpkins, maybe even a few Halloween decorations, all while getting outside and walking around. Don’t forget your cane to help your balance, and make sure there are seating areas if you are still in the early weeks of knee recovery.

2. Throw/or go to a Halloween Party

Dress up and throw a little (or big) party! This could even be a little gathering over Zoom. Get some help from family and friends especially with activities that require a long time on your feet. This activity can be difficult in some situations but to me, a gathering of family/friends is good for healing of the soul and body!

3. Watch a scary movie

Ok, I admit it… this is not my cup of tea. Ha! Scary movies creep me out so bad! I do try and watch at least one every October though. Does Casper count?

4. Bake pumpkin seeds

Oh, I can smell them now. Freshly baked pumpkin seeds that we just got out of our carved pumpkin (*hint to the next activity). I prefer my pumpkin seeds lightly baked/toasted with a little sea salt!

5. Carve a pumpkin

This is my kid’s favorite activity. I have to say I enjoy making a fun creation every year as well though. Faces, Logos, painted-on designs, this girl has tried them all. What makes this activity even better is being able to do it outside on a nice fall day. Less messy too!

6. Attend an Oktoberfest

What guilt free October activities list would be complete without Oktoberfest on it. Getting out and walking around, enjoying the sights and sounds. Plus, there is some of the best food and beverages. I’d say save this one for a little later in the recovery process especially if you are still on post-surgery meds, and not very stable on your feet yet.

7. Take a drive and check out the local Halloween decorations

8. Go Trick or Treating

Go with your kids or grandkids. Noone to go with? Find a trunk or treat or pass out candy at your house! Great way to get that new knee replacement moving, while getting into the holiday spirit!

9. Binge-watch Halloween movies one day

I watched A LOT of movies and TV when I was in the early stages of knee replacement recovery. This activity can even be done from the hospital bed post-surgery! Leave a comment below with your favorite Halloween movie for inspiration!

10. Wear Orange

The easiest of all the October guilt free activities, wear orange! You can even play along with this one on your surgery day!

11. Walk through a corn maze

Using your mind. Moving your knee. Maybe even a few laughs along the way. Just watch out for all the kids running around!

12. Eat candy corn

Okay, Okay… I know this one is not for everyone. I LOVE candy corn and those little pumpkins too! Here is another sound off in the comments… Tell me if you like candy corn or can’t stand it?

13. Go to a haunted house

Last one to get your up and moving. I personally would want to be about 6 months out of knee replacement surgery to want to do this activity just because I’m such a scaredy-cat! I would be jumping back, dodging behind my loved ones, and probably wanting to RUN away!

14. Pick out your costume

There you have it. Hopefully, these October guilt free activities will keep you busy throughout the whole month. Have other fun, safe, and active ideas? Comment below! I’d love to hear what others are doing.

Until next time… Happy healing!

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14 October Guilt Free Activities for After Knee Replacement. Stay safe, have fun, be active all while keeping your knee replacement recovery in mind!
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