If you have been around my blog a time or two, you would know that it takes a bit of preparation to get ready for a knee replacement surgery—medications to equipment and now preparing your home for the big surgery day and recovery.

These tested tips come to you from my experience that ultimately came from the guidance of family members who have had knee replacement surgery that helped me prepare for my own. While other tips I give to you so you will be even more prepared than I was. In hopes, you and your family members will do a little less scrambling and adjusting at the last minute like we had to!

Preparing Your Home

Declutter The House and Donate Old Items

What better time than before knee surgery to declutter the house and donate those old items. I even went through a bit of a nesting period before surgery. ( You can read about that HERE) Something about the fresh start after surgery put me in the mood to organize beforehand, I guess. 

How did it help afterward, though, you might ask? First, finding items quickly was convenient since I was often tired and weak, especially initially. Also, not having a ton of stuff in the way made it easier to get around with the new equipment like the walker I was using. 

If you have a long while before your knee surgery, try doing a room a week. Keep some contractor bags or totes handy to sort what to keep, throw out, and donate. Short on time? Primarily focus on the areas you will be in the most after surgery. These areas likely will be the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and a little later on, the kitchen. 

Rearrange and Put Away

Now that you have decluttered, it’s time to make even more space for you to get around more easily. First, rearrange the furniture in the living room and your bedroom to have an easy pathway large enough to push your walker through. Next, take some time to tidy up any loose cords that might be lying around and a trip hazard. 

Have beautiful rugs around the house? Time to put them away until you walk confidently without any assisted devices like a walker or cane. Rugs are one of the worst trip hazards in the home! Also, if you have any small tables or small toys lying around, this is a good time to box those things up and put them away. 

Prepare the sleep and recovery space.

Preparing your main resting/sleeping area is so very important! I wish I had done more of this step before my knee replacement surgery.

Sleep Area

First, move your sleeping area to an easily accessible place. You will not want to be messing with any stairs just to go to bed, trust me! Try to make this area close to a bathroom as well. Have a nightstand close by for personal items like electronics and medications. (I kept my meds in the drawer of the nightstand to keep them out of reach of my kids. 

Sleeping can be challenging after knee replacement surgery. Click HERE for tips that helped me sleep in recovery. 

Recovery area 

The recovery area is similar to the sleeping area, but I liked having both. The best spot I found was in a recliner. I was still comfortable if I took a little nap or needed to sleep somewhere that was not my bed. Being able to adjust your position in a recliner really helps! You will want a sizable end table next to you for items like the TV remote, Bio-oil, and water, to name a few. 

The key to both of these areas is a place where everything you need is easy to reach; you can get up and down easily, and most importantly, your surgery leg can stay elevated! 

Fall Equipment  

Time to get installing all the Pre-Surgery Equipment that will help prevent you from injury after surgery. Get out the walker and cane. Give time for animals and kids to adjust to these new strange items you will be using. Install items like nightlights, toilet raisers, shower rail and chair, etc. 

For a more extensive list of equipment needed before the surgery, click HERE.

Preparing your home for knee replacement surgery is so important! Make sure you leave enough room for you and your walker to navigate through your home!

Food Prep

Getting your pantry stocked and cooking a few freezer meals is very important in preparing your home for knee rehab. Unfortunately, I did not do enough of this during my knee replacement journey, and looking back; I really wish I did. 

Head over to Pinterest to find some great freezer meals. I prefer the ones that thaw back out in a crockpot. Then, just leave the crockpot right on your counter and get some liners. Easy dinner and easy clean-up. 

Pantry stock-up time. Items that are easy to snack on throughout the day, like nuts and chips, are necessary. Also, things like soups and canned goods to make last-minute dinners are great as well—a couple of cans of tomatoes, sauce, beans, and chili mix. You have yourself dinner! 

Hopefully, this list of things for preparing your home helps as you get ready for knee replacement surgery. Have other ideas or tried tips? Please share them in the comments below!

Until next time, Happy Healing! 

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This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician.


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