The December Elf tradition definitely brings up a debate among the parenting community. Questions get thrown around like, Do you deal with the December Elves? Why even start that annoying tradition in the first place? You’re probably here on the excellent internet searching, should I start the December Elf tradition. I hear all these questions all the time. Especially after people find out how much I actually love elf season! Find out why I love it so much and the great things it’s done for my family, and if I think you should start this tradition or not. 

Already doing the December Elf tradition? Check out my December Elf Support Packet for helpful tips, templates, and a calendar, to make this season fun and a breeze! Want to start the tradition in your house? Start by getting an elf HERE. Need a few reasons why the elf didn’t move? Find some HERE!

Where the December Elf Family Tradition Started

Call me crazy, some actually do, but I love it when it is time to get out Elfie and Ace. In my house, December Elf is a family tradition we have been doing year after year since my now youngest daughter was two years old. Even at two, she was so excited for Elfie to move and get into mischief. Even at the early age of two years, my daughter would giggle, and be so happy to wake up and try to figure out where Elfie was, and what she did. She didn’t fully understand everything surrounding the December Elf tradition yet, but that look on her face and those special moments were worth it enough for me. 

Back then, it was easy. I had so many spots to move the elf too. I could use the same place a couple of times. If I forgot to move the darn elf, it didn’t take much explaining. I definitely didn’t realize what this tradition would grow into as the years went on, but as you continue to read, it didn’t matter. I love the elf even more now then I did before. With a little planning and a little patience, this darn elf is magical and brings my family so much join. 

That Magical Feeling The Whole Family Gets

 Once I met my husband, and I gained two bonus children, I quickly had to add another elf to the mix, that is when Ace came along for our middle daughter. Sadly, the oldest was past all the fun, but I still try to this day to get a smile or two out of him this time of year, as well. That right, there is one of the biggest reasons I love these elves so much! It’s not an easy task making a teenager smile, or get excited about, well, anything. If I get creative and ridiculous though with these elves, my teenager totally gets into it. That right, there is magical. 

The girls are easier to please. They still get excited every morning to see where their elves moved to, and what they did. But, it better not be the same place I already used before, and I better have one good excuse if they didn’t move. This is where it is getting a lot harder than back in the old days. Ha! A little tip? Set the alarm on your phone called, move the elves. I always set mine for about an hour after the kids go to bed. If your really a planner, or you have my elf calendar, type in that same alarm what you’re doing with them that night! I really try to up my game on the crazy stuff the elves do, in fear I only have a couple more years left. 

Lengthen the Innocent Child Phase Just a Little Longer

The December Elf Tradition
Elfie and Chase our families December Elves sitting in the Christmas Tree when they first arrived to our house with a letter from Santa and a Santa Cam!

This brings me to the other big reason I love this December Elf family tradition. My kids are older than I would say most are that still believe in the magic of Christmas. I feel this has a lot to do with their elves. How can they not believe in magic, and Santa when these elves are doing all these crazy things. Plus, the elves also take notes they write to Santa and write letters back to them! These are all examples of tangible things they can see and touch. Well, of course, they can’t touch the elves, but these are so much more real than Santa. A man who only comes around once a year to bring presents. Now, I’m not discrediting Santa. He is super important, and has a lot of magic as well! I just feel that December Elf stays fresh in the child’s minds and makes a great partner for Santa. 

Should My Family Start The December Elf Tradition?

Here we are again at the big debate. Do you start the elf tradition or not. Really I feel it should be up to you and what is best for your family. Does it take a little extra time and planning? Yes. Will resources you can find online like my support kit, the elf doesn’t have to be as stressful as what some people make it out to be. Does it have to cost a ton of money? No. Do people spend a ton of money on their elves? Yes. This, again, is a personal preference. When my daughter was young, and I didn’t have a ton of money, our elf did not have extra clothes. She didn’t do tricks and stunts that had my buying things online to do. I used items around the house I already had and got creative. Pinterest is an excellent resource for ideas. I use it often and also have a board dedicated to December Elves! Click here to follow along.

One last point I’d like to make is if your going to start it make sure your ready to do it until your kids are old and out of the magic of Christmas stage. All this aside, I say go for it! Bring a little extra magic into your home each holiday season. Before you know it, you will be like me and not only stressing over, filling my calendar with all my other favorite December traditions but also stressing over the very few Christmas’s you have left before the magic of the elf is gone for good. 

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Scroll to the bottom for a list of my favorite elf resources.


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Two elves sitting in a Christmas tree with a letter from Santa and a Santa Cam.
Wondering if you should start the December Elf Tradition with your family? Click here to see what I think!

December Elf Support Packet

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Candy Canes for the elves to eat, hang from, skate on, etc.

Oh, look the elves build a house for themselves!

Jars so the kids can carry their elves along with them for the weekend.

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