You want me to do what now? You can’t be serious; I have to throw away all my shoes after knee replacement surgery? If you are anything like me, that is a lot of shoes, and you were just as shocked as I was when you heard these words from your knee surgeon. The only perk of it was it gave me an excuse to go shoe shopping for the Top Shoes for After Knee Replacement Surgery! Ha!

Top Shoes for After Knee Replacement Surgery

Over the last year, I have tried many shoes, finding the perfect pairs for after knee replacement surgery. The ones that got me through the early weeks of post-op to the ones I rock a year later. Now, I will admit I must be much more selective about the types of shoes I buy now, but just because we are knee replacement warriors doesn’t mean we can’t have a great selection of shoes and protect our joints, right? 

Top Walking Shoes for Post Knee Replacement

Ryka: My favorite of the two. A brand I honestly found on accident when they went on sale. They have a fantastic fit, shock absorption and have held up great with all the walking I do daily. 

Addidas: My slip-on Addidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes were so great in the early weeks of recovery because they were easy to get on and off. I switched to them as soon as I got home from the hospital.

Top Running Shoes for Post Knee Replacement

Nike: I can’t steer away from Nike when it comes to running. Yes, that’s right, I run even after a knee replacement. More about that to come in a later post.  I love the Nike Flex and Nike Air series of running shoes the best. Flex series is excellent for running and working out at the gym. Where the Air series I use more for strictly running. 

Top Boots for Post Knee Replacement

Dr. Scholls: I thought I was doomed for finding boots that were good for my joints are fashionable. As a girl from Michigan, I needed a good variety of boots! Then I discovered that Dr. Scholls had fall and winter boots. I have been set ever since.

Top Sandals for Post Knee Replacement

Birkenstock: I had been hearing about Birkenstocks for a long, long time. I had to see what all the fuss was. They are worth every penny! They did not disappoint after a long day on my feet and walking. No sore joints at the end of the day! Did you also know they have an incredible waterproof selection? That will be my next purchase for the days at the bench.  

Vionic: I thought my days of wearing flip flops were over after knee replacement. I was so glad to have found the Vionic Tide II Toe Post Sandal. I didn’t try to wear these until I was a year into my knee replacement recovery. They are fantastic! My go-to on a hot day.

Top Dress Shoes for Post Knee Replacement 

(Disclaimer: I do not wear dress shoes very often as I don’t work in an environment that I dress up in, BUT I still need dress shoes for special occasions, and these are the brands I turn to.) 

Clarks: A brand with a great variety of shoes, but I most like how comfortable their dress shoes are. Their OrthoLite collection has improved flexibility and shock absorption. 

Skechers: Love how easy to find this brand is and how great a variety they have. I tend to go for the flats in this brand. 

Important Shoe Questions Answered for After Knee Surgery  

Do I have to replace all your shoes after getting my knee replaced?

Yes! According to my surgeon, this is the best practice. When you think about it, it makes total sense. Before your surgery, the way you walk is entirely different from how you will walk after the knee replacement. Old shoes will focus your feet and joints on stepping into your old walking pattern, which can be bad for all your joints, including your new knee! 

Should I wear inserts in my shoes after knee surgery?

Yes! You want to have any extra padding and shock absorption that you can for your new knee joint. I started with Dr. Scholl’s work inserts in my everyday shoes. Dr. Scholl’s also makes different kinds to fit into other shoes. Watch for a post all about inserts soon!

How often should I change my shoes and inserts?

On average, shoes last roughly one year, and the inserts last about six months. If you are on your feet often and walking for work, you will want to switch your shoes every six months and the inserts every three months. When it comes to exercise, specifically walking and running, many references state to change your shoes every 300 miles.  

Let me know in the comments below or message me HERE with what types of shoes you have found on this list to be the best after your knee replacement. Or maybe you have a pair already that you love that isn’t on the list! I want to know, so share away! 

Having a knee replacement does mean you have to be more contentious about what you wear on your feet, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear tennis shoes 24/7. I truly hope this list helps you find comfortable, flexible, protective shoes that are also stylish and for all occasions! Shoes to help you keep moving and pain-free after your knee replacement surgery. 

Cheers to happy feet and healthy joints! 

This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician. 

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Throw away all my shoes for my knee replacement surgery? An excuse to go shopping for the Top Shoes for After Knee Replacement Surgery! Learn more here.
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