Do you or a loved one need to stay in this Valentine’s Day due to a knee replacement surgery? Maybe just having an off-knee rehab day, and staying in sounds better than being out in the busy crowds. Want to give your love/knee patient a great Valentine’s Day at home through their recovery? This list of 12 perfect stay-at-home Valentines date ideas for post-knee surgery is just the list for you! 

Massages For Two

A massage is a great idea for a stay in activity for Valentines Day. Click here to read all 12 perfect stay at home Valentine's Day date ideas for post knee surgery
Suggested Items Needed
  1. Bio Oil – For massaging the Scar
  2. Massage Oil– For massaging sore muscles.

What better way to show someone you care than to make them feel good with your touch! Now massage will show up on most of these lists, but I have a special tip for knee replacement rehab patients and their loved ones! 

If you are the caregiver in this situation, you could massage your partner’s hip, thigh (back or front), calf area, and feet of their surgery side. Just be careful around their incision, especially if they are less than a month out of surgery. If the scar is fully healed try these techniques on it! Also, remind your loved one to speak up about how gentle or hard they want your pressure to be. Everyone is different. If they are anything like me, this will feel amazing and help pain management!

If you are the knee replacement rehab warrior, first off, welcome to the club! Okay. Next, you can massage your partner and make them feel the love as well, even if you are fresh off the operating table. Have your partner sit on your none surgical side. Start by massaging their palms. You would be surprised at how good this actually feels! Now, depending on how mobile you are. Try for their shoulders and neck area — most people hold most of their tension in these spots. If you can’t, that’s okay! Just massage where you can reach. I’m sure your partner will appreciate anything you can do. 

Order In From Apps Like Doordash Or Grubhub 

Suggested Items Needed

Doordash– $15 off code

It took me well into the Middle Weeks on my recovery before I was cooking meals of any kind, let alone fancy ones. Treating yourself and your loved one to a delivery meal that isn’t pizza ( or maybe your like me and want pizza, HA) might sound like the perfect Valentine’s date night at home. In my town, Doordash is the go-to delivery app of choice, but there are so many out there now! Check them out and see which one has your perfect restaurant!

Boardgame/Card Night 

Game night doesn’t have to be saved for camping, when the powers out, or when you have all your friends or family over. Grab a deck of cards or your other favorite two-player games and spend the evening playing with your ideal gaming partner! Some of my favorites to play with my husband are:

Do Your Knee Exercises Together

Okay, I know what you are thinking. What a fun thing to do together. My knee exercises. Please hear me out, though. During this knee recovery, haven’t, you said to yourself at least once, I wish my partner understood better, or they don’t get how hard it is! I know you have, multiple times, and my man was super supportive. My husband took the time out to do my exercises with me just once. They were easy as can be for him, but that part didn’t matter to me. What did matter is knowing at that moment he had my back; he was there holding my hand and cheering me on. What a perfect day to have that feeling. Valentine’s Day. 

Go For A Walk Around The House And Kiss Every Time You Pass Through A Doorway

Depending on how far along in the knee rehab process you are, going for a walk around your home might be the farthest distance you can go. Why not make it romantic, walker/cane and all by kissing your loved one every time you pass through a doorway. Add an extra special touch by reminiscing about favorite events that happen in each area of the house as you walk through them. 

Do A Puzzle Together 

Have a puzzle in the closet you have meant to get to? Or maybe plan and get a cute Valentine’s Day-themed one for you and your Valentine to work on together. You can even puzzle glue and frame it to remember the special night forever! 

Watch A Romantic Movie While Eating Popcorn 

Knee Replacement or not, a movie on the couch with your favorite flavored popcorn is the gold standard date night. Give it a little more Valentine’s Day flare by adding some of your favorite wine. Maybe cuddling a little closer on the couch, if the knee allows for that. Hold each other’s hands during the movie. Share one popcorn bowl. You get the idea. *wink

Make Dinner Together

Get a cute gift basket like this one on the right, go shopping for a few more of the essentials, and you will have a romantic dinner for two that you can both make together in no time. Need help with the shopping still? Try a delivery service like Shipt, I have it and used it often during my earlier stages of knee replacement recovery. It was a lifesaver! My Shipt shopper even carried my groceries onto my counter so I wouldn’t have to lift anything. I love her! Use this Shipt link to get $50 off your membership. 

Write A Couples Bucket List 

What better way to reconnect with your partner than to talk about fun things they want to do with you! Since having my knee replacement surgery, I have had a dream to learn how to ballroom dance with my husband. I think it would be so much fun! Spend the evening dreaming and planning. They even have journals you can get to plan your list and write down memories as you complete them. 

Make An Ultimate Vacations List

This one could go along with the bucket list date night very easily, or be fun to do on its own. A night filled with building a fantastic vacation list. Thinking of white sandy beaches can really help the lovebirds in the colder climates warm up a bit in the cold February weather too! Depending on how much of a planner you are, you could go as far as picking your first destination, setting a date, and starting a budget plan! Now, that’s a Valentine’s Day gift everyone would be on board for! 

Play 20 Questions 

Okay, a throwback to middle school days for this stay-at-home date night idea. Playing 20 questions or a version of it like this one on the right I found on Amazon, is a great way to reconnect, and see just how well you actually still know your significant other. You might be surprised by what you learn and find out. 

Look At Your Old Wedding Pictures or Photos From When You Were First Dating

Grab out that photo album, shoebox, flash drive, or wherever you store those old photos and go on a trip down memory lane. Nothing does a better job reminding me of all the loved shared than looking back and talking about all the good times my husband and I have shared while looking at old photos. Especially ones from when we first dated.

My husband often teases me that I was harder to date and spend time with than a president because of how busy I was, and how different our schedules were. So when we actually got to spend time together, it was magical. That is the feeling I get looking at those pictures. I hope you can spark some unique feelings by looking back at your old photos as well. 

There you have it — the 12 perfect stay-at-home Valentines Day date ideas for post-knee surgery. I would love for you to leave a comment or contact me HERE with any other ideas you might have, or if you used any of these for your special night with your special someone! 

12 intimate valentines date ideas for after knee replacement

I hope all of you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and a speedy Knee Replacement Recovery. 

Need a couple of unique gift ideas meant for a knee replacement patient? Check out my post 11 Best Gift Ideas For Post Knee Surgery for some inspiration.

Until Next time…

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12 intimate Valentines date ideas for after knee replacement surgery. Click here to read all the ideas you need to have a fun night at home despite still recovering from surgery!
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