You wouldn’t think there was a unique wardrobe for after knee replacement surgery, but I’m here to tell you from experience there is. The last thing you want to be is uncomfortable when you’re already dealing with incision pain, insomnia, and stress. So let’s discuss items that will significantly help you decide what to wear from head to toe after knee replacement surgery.

What To Wear After Knee Replacement Surgery 

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    Loose Fitting Shirts

    You’re already dealing with enough. Pain, fatigue, and other things, the last thing you need to feel is uncomfortable. I went big and loose-fitting for all types of shirts. Some days a tank top was enough. Other days a nice cozy t-shirt. Are you having surgery in a cold month? Get an oversized comfy sweatshirt that is easy to get on and off. I’d even suggest a zip-up sweatshirt just so you don’t have any issues getting it on and off.

    Shorts… All the Shorts

    I wore shorts strictly from the hospital till late into my knee rehab. I was not too fond of fabric touching my incision. The material of long pants felt weird, uncomfortable, and even painful at times on my surgery scar. So shorts with wide legs, a shorter inseam, and an elastic band were my favorite go-to. 

    Too Cold For Shorts? Pants It Is

    I didn’t wear pants for months because of the sensitivity to my scar. I suggest button-up athlete pants or zip-up convertible style if you have to wear pants. Having easy access to your incision is so essential—easy access for your ice pack, massage, or even bathroom use. 

    Compression socks 

    In the early stages of knee rehab, I wore thigh-high compression socks on my surgical leg and the other leg. They gave them to me in the hospital, and I continued to wear them for the first couple of weeks of knee rehab. After being cleared from the thigh-high compression socks, I switched to the knee highs. I wanted to continue to get the healing benefits of wearing them. They help increase blood flow which also increases healing! I also found the compression socks helped my lower legs and feet not feel so exhausted. 

    Supportive Shoes

    Shoes are the most crucial part of the wardrobe regarding what to wear after knee replacement surgery. My doctor had me buy new tennis shoes for after surgery. I started wearing them the first time I even got out of bed. My surgeon explained that all my old shoes had my old walking pattern and would cause problems after the knee surgery because the way I would walk would change. I can’t say I was super sad about going shoe shopping, but dang, I had to get rid of many shoes! Check out this link HERE to see all of my favorite types of shoes after knee replacement. 

    Underneath it all

    Okay, it wouldn’t be a complete post for the ladies if I didn’t talk about undergarments. I found wearing a sports bra (medium support) with the zipper in the front was the easiest to wear during knee replacement. As far as panties go, make sure they are comfortable and not super tight. The last thing your want to do is get stuck trying to take underwear off. These HERE from Amazon basics are my absolute favorite. 

    The guys out there same idea apply to your underwear. Have them be something comfortable and a little loose. I would guess that boxers would be the easiest, but obviously, I didn’t test this theory. 

    There you have it what to wear after knee replacement surgery. Hopefully, this post helps you plan and be prepared to be the most comfortable you can be during your knee replacement rehab. 

    Until next time… happy healing! 

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